OBEY is committed to bettering itself in its manufacturing chain both on an environmental level but also with regard to worker’s rights. We look at reducing our environmental footprint whenever possible – from choosing sustainable and socially responsible manufacturing techniques to delivering our clothing to you. The reality is we are imperfect in our actions and continue to challenge ourselves every season to do better. We are constantly exploring new options in the market. In 2015, we started working with Fair Trade to offer certified garments that ensure economic empowerment to factory workers. We have moved to sustainable factories whenever possible and look to industry developments allowing us to use more recycled and renewable materials. These steps are important to our company and are an ongoing process. We respect everything it takes to make the garments we sell and want to ensure we are doing our best for the world around us.


sustainable This icon indicates that this garment is constructed sustainably. More than just sustainable raw materials, we consider the social environment, and economic impact of its production.
sustainable This icon indicates that this garment is constructed with organic cotton. Certified organic cotton following strict regulations without the use of GMO’s harmful pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers.
sustainable Fair Trade USA’s Fair Trade CertifiedTM label empowers you, the consumer, with the knowledge that your purchase has a positive impact on the people who sew and grow the products you love.For every OBEY Fair Trade CertifiedTM product sold, a percentage is paid directly to a special fund for the workers that create our goods. They decide collectively how to spend these funds based on their communities greatest needs: from scholarships, school buses, to medical care, disaster and relief services.
sustainable This icon indicates that this garment is constructed with recycled materials. Per t-shirt, 1.6 recycled plastic bottles and .10lbs of recycled cotton are used.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

“Social responsibility and justice have always beenvery important to OBEY in both message and practice. We work with manufactures that providea fair wage and ethical working conditions, and have now made the further step to become an official Fair Trade USA partner. Our Fair Trade CertifiedTM garments are produced in factories that operate against rigorous social, environmental and economic standards, where workers can do their jobs Wirth pride and dignity. For every FairTrade Certified product sold, workers can earn more money to fight poverty and fundcommunity development, Our hope is not only to benefit the workers of the Fair Tradefactories, but to lead by example and promote the expansion of the Fair Trade apparelprogram.”

– Shepard Fairey

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